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Here’s everything you need to know about choosing a vape battery for your device.

18650 Vape Batteries

It’s not common knowledge that Tesla motor company have been using the 18650 battery in their electric cars. In the Model S they use the 18650 stacked together into modules, there are 16 in total in the car.

If car manufacturers are using the 18650 battery in their electric cars you can see why vape manufacturers like SMOK are using them to power their vape devices.

Vape Batteries: Tips and Best Practices

If you take care of your vape batteries, you can expect long usage. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your new vape batteries:

  • Always use the correct batteries. Using incorrect batteries can lead to non-function or malfunction.
  • Buy from the right brands. Cheap vape batteries may seem like a bargain, but you will likely need to replace them more often; and they may not meet the proper requirements for usage in a vape device. When you buy from, you can ensure that you are purchasing only the highest quality batteries that surpass all safety regulations.
  • Purchase a battery case. Carrying batteries in your pocket or leaving batteries laying around can cause damage which can further degrade the quality of your battery.

The Best Vape Batteries Brands

To avoid accidents, it is critical to purchase the right type and size of cells from highly reliable vape battery brands. At Vaping corp, we care about your safety. As is the case, we only partner with highly reputable electronic brands to provide safe, quality and durable vape mod batteries to power your vaporizer whether they use THC vape juice or not. Among the many battery brands that we carry, we also carry vaping batteries from the following popular brands:

  • Radio Shack: Radio Shack is known as one of the world’s largest and oldest distributors of electronic equipment; with origins going back to the 1920s. Radio Shack’s 18650 batteries are highly recommended for vaping and sure to keep your vaporizer powered up with the greatest performance.
  • Sony: Sony has long been held as one of the world’s top providers of electronic devices – with amazing products like televisions, computers, and of course, the Sony Playstation system. A widely popular household brand, Sony is also a reliable provider of vape mod batteries; manufacturing some of the most widely-sold batteries on the market.
  • Panasonic: Panasonic is a Japanese-based company that has been manufacturing electronics since 1918. As one of the most respected brands in the world, Panasonic provides vape mod batteries (18650 and others) that you can depend on for long-life and strong performance.
  • Samsung: Samsung has long been a favorite in the electronics industry, and over the last few decades they have moved into producing a wide variety of consumer electronics including televisions, mobile devices, tablets and more. With years of research, development and dependable production; their line of new vape batteries follow the same impressive standard as the rest of their high quality products.
  • LG: LG Electronics is a home appliance company that was founded in 1958. This industry leading brand is known around the world for its various appliances and electronics including televisions, washers & dryers, mobile phones, and of course, vape batteries.