Aspire Nautilus Mini Replacement Tank with Hollowed-Out Sleeve


This is a replacement tank for the Aspire Nautilus mini. It has a hollowed out sleeve which looks attractive and is safer as it is made from stainless steel rather than the glass pyrex that the original tank has. It is really easy to replace, by just removing the original glass tank by unscrewing it and screwing this one on instead. It is the perfect replacement for anyone that has broken their glass tank or who is worried that they may break it in the future. Replace it immediately or keep it as a spare ready for when an accident happens and the glass one breaks. You may prefer not to wait and like the idea of having a safer tank anyway or you may want to change your current tank because you think that this one looks more stylish. Either way, it is a great price or so you will agree that it provides great value for money.


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