Blackberry Candy SALT – 30ml



Blackberry Candy| 30ml Nicotine Salt e-Liquid

Why deal with cavities when you can simply vape your very favorite candy flavor? Blackberry Candy SALT is a mouthwatering tribute to everything that we love about sticky, hard confections that explode with sweet and tangy fruit goodness. It takes those plump little gems and turns them into a sugary treat that’ll have you feeling over the moon whenever you take a pull from your pod mod.  When you first draw that luxurious vapor into your mouth, get the mouth-puckering sourness of fresh, perfectly ripe berries. Instantly feel your taste buds salivating as you prepare for the wild ride ahead. That tartness soon vanishes as the natural succulence takes over, refreshing you like crazy. Finally, savor the syrupy aftertaste on the exhale. Blackberry Candy SALT has a base that can produce some even sweeter vapor with a good throat hit.  This e-liquid is a 60/40 VF/PG base which will well suited for pod systems and MTL tanks such as the Zenith, Nautilus 2, and Prism T-20S.


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