Efest LUSH Q8 Eight Bay Battery Charger


Efest LUSH Q8 | Intelligent 8-Bay Charger

The Efest LUSH Q8 is a fantastic battery charger for the multi-vaper household.  This charger monitors each charging slot independently, allowing up to eight cells to be charged at the same time.  The charging rate auto-adjusts depending on the number of cells being charged simultaneously.  For the fastest recharge, insert two batteries (in slot 1 and slot 8) for 2 Amp fast-charging.  Up to four batteries inserted at once will charge at 1 Amp.  5-8 cells will recharge at 0.5 Amps.


  1. Automatically selects charging mode: 8x 0.5A, 4x 1.0A, and 2 x 2.0A
  2. Two 2A fast charge slots (Slots 1 & 8)
  3. Safe charging mode: CC & CV
  4. Protection against over-discharging, over-voltage, short-circuit, and reverse polarity
  5. Activates low voltage batteries at or over 0.6V
  6. Battery slots monitored independently


  • LUSH Q8 charger
  • 12V 2A Wall Adapter
  • Warranty card
  • Operations manual


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