eGO Thread Beauty Ring


Beauty Ring for eGo threads

This is an eGo thread cover beauty ring in a standard design. It has been specifically made to make your e-cigarette look more stylish, sleek and upgraded when. It is used on a 510 threaded clearomizer with an eGo battery. Covering the thread between the clearomizer and the battery, the eGo thread cover beauty ring makes it look a lot better. It will work with most eGo, eGo-C, and eGo-T batteries, but we still recommend you to check whether it will work with your battery before you buy it. The top part of the ring has two air slots,  allowing your e-cigarette to function to its fullest capacity each time you use it. It is both a great replacement for a lost ring or and a nice stylish addition. The beauty ring is as functional as it is pretty because it can also protect the thread. This small ring of metal serves a useful purpose, offering a really good value for money as it is very low in price.

It is perfectly compatible with Aspire Nova Mini.


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