Green Sound GS-H2 Replacement Coils – 5 Pack


Greensound GS-H2 Replacement Coils | 5 Pack

This is a five pack of replacement coils for the GreenSound GS H2 single coil atomizer. It is very easy to change the coils and they need to be done regularly. This is because the flavor and amount of vapor will be reduced as the coils get older. How often they need replacing will mainly depend on how often you use them, but there are some types of vape juice that will wear them out sooner. Those with natural ingredients and high sugar content tend to wear them out more quickly than more standard e-liquid, so this could be something worth considering when buying it. It is always worth having some coils in stock ready for when they do need replacing so that your vape experience is not diminished. Therefore having a pack of five handy will be really useful and you can reorder when you have just a few left so you know that you will never run out. 


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