Kanger Protank 2 Glass Replacement Tube – Large


This is a replacement glass tube in a large size for your Kanger device. It is made of pyrex glass which is transparent so you can see how much liquid is left to allow you to know when to refill it. It has a 2.4ml capacity and is available in red, blue, purple, clear, and smoke. It fits five different Kanger products, namely the Protank 2, the Protank 3, the Aerotank, the Aerotank V2 and the Genitank. It is really useful to keep a spare glass tank, as they can get broken or worn out. If you break it, perhaps by dropping it or crushing it, then you will not be able to use your device until you have replaced it. If you have a spare, then you will have a backup in case this happens and you will be able to get back to vaping really quickly. They are not too expensive and so worth investing in.

Compatible with:

  • Kanger Protank 2
  • Kanger Protank 3
  • Kanger Aerotank
  • Kanger Aerotank V2
  • Kanger Genitank


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