Kanger Protank / EVOD Replacement Coils – 5 Pack


Genuine KangerTech MT32 single-coil replacement coils – 5 Pack

NOTE: These coils are available in a newer style with Organic Cotton Wicks Here.

These Genuine KangerTech MT32 replacement coils which work for the Kanger branded Protank, Evod and Unitank. It is very easy to change the coil by unscrewing the base of the tank, unscrewing the coil and the screw in the new one and put the base back on. This needs to be a simple job as the coils need changing regularly. This is because the quality of the vape deteriorates if the coil is old. Therefore in order to keep a great taste and lots of vapor you need to replace them regularly. How often will depend on how much you use your device. They do come in a handy pack of five though, so you will have a good stock if you have to replace often, but you may want to restock before you replace the last one, just to be sure that you have enough. It is therefore wise to make sure that you have some spares available so that you always have the best possible experience when you are vaping.

These coils are compatible with:

  • Kanger Protank
  • Kanger Protank II
  • Kanger Protank II Mini
  • Kanger Unitank
  • Kanger Evod clearomizers

These are the single coil design available in 1.5, 1.8, 2.2, 2.5 Ohm.


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