Maganus DVC Nickel (Ni200) Coils – 5 Pack


Maganus NI Temperature Control Coils

These are Maganus DVC temperature control coils from Vapeston. It is compatible with the Maganus NI and Maganus DVC tank. You can buy the coils in packages of 5, so you will have plenty to be able to replace them when necessary. They are designed for temperature control devices and models, which are 20-120W. They are available in different specifications with a 0.25 ohm Ni200 coil 20-80W and a 0.15 ohm Ni-200 coil 20-120W, so you will be able to select the one that best matches your needs. The coils are compatible with all Vapeston tanks, which means that you need not worry about it not working as long as you have this brand of tank. It is a good idea to stock up on spares so that you do not find yourself in a situation where you cannot vape as you have run out of replaceable parts so make sure that you have some of these just in case.


  • Nickel Coil Wire
  • Organic Japanese Cotton
  • Available in 0.15 & 0.25 ohm


  • Maganus DVC
  • Maganus NI
  • Vapeston Ceramikas
  • FreeMax Starre

Note: These coils are made from nickel (Ni200) and are only for use in Temperature Control APVs such as the IPV4, eVic-VT, and iStick TC40W.  These tanks are sub-ohm to the extreme.  They can not be used with mechanical mods. Any attempt to do so could result in severe battery damage or explosion.  Only use these with temperature regulated mods capable of firing .15Ω coils.


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