Vapeston AVATAR Acrylic Tube and Drip Tip | 4.5ml



Acrylic Tank and Drip Tip for Avatar Nano

4.5ml Extended Capacity

Do you find yourself loving the Vapeston Avatar Nano tank like we do, but wish you didn’t have to refill it so often?  If so, we have your answer here.  This factory-direct acrylic tank increases the Avatar capacity to 4.5ml and adds some additional bling with its swirled color pattern and matching drip-tip.  The tube is the same height as the original with a larger diameter in the center section to accommodate more e-liquid.  Please note, this replacement set is NOT made from glass, but is made out of acrylic.  As such it’s less prone to breakage, but may discolor slightly depending on the type of e-liquid used (most notably cinnamon flavors).


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