Vapeston Ceramikas FGCC Replacement Coils – 5 Pack


CERAMIKAS Replacement Atomizers (FGCC)| from Vapeston

This is a tank from Vapeston called the Ceramikas. It is different to many others due to its revolutionary food grade ceramic coils, which support 20-100w. They allow a cool and pure vapour to be produced and because they are ceramic they last longer, maybe even up to five times longer. The wicks are also organic cotton that has been found to produce the most pure and string flavours. The design also includes a cooling system for the vapour, a mouth design that prevents spurting, a recovery function for e-liquid condensate and the ability to fill it from the drip tip. There is also an anti-leaking mechanism built in. With all of these unique features, the tank stands out from many others and so if you may want to consider giving it a try. It could work out to be better value for money as well with the coils lasting so long. 


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