Wismec WM Replacement Coil – 5 Pack



Wismec WM Series Replacement Atomizer – 5 Pack The WM family of coils by Wismec are designed specifically for the Wismec GNOME and GNOME Evo tank, whichis included in the Sinuous Ravage 230 Starter Kit. They are available in single, dual, and triple coil options, each with a different balance of flavor and vapor. The single coil WM01 has the most intense flavor and as you move up to the WM02 and WM03 variants the intensity of the flavor does down a bit and the vapor production and temperature of the vape increases. Specifications: WM01 – Single Coil 0.4 Ohm (55-65W) WM02 – Dual Coil 0.15 Ohm (45-60W) WM03 – Triple Coils 0.2 Ohm (70-90W)


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